All our referencing checks include the following:

Confirming the prospective tenant(s) are able to afford the monthly rental payments.

When ever possible we do our best to obtain references form both the applicant's current and previous landlords. We believe the two combined offer a better insight into the tenant's history. Before contacting either we perform a search with The Land Registry Office to confirm ownership of the tenant's current and previous addresses. This search also provides other information that the tenant, friend or relative pretending to be the landlord is unlikley to know.

We then call the landlord and, before asking for a reference, we ask them to verify certain information we gained from the Land Registry search. This just about eliminates anyone from pretending to be the landlord. If we are at all suspicious, a recording of the call is analysed using voice stress analytical software which helps us to make our final decision.

Only when we are satisfied we are talking to the genuine owner of the property will we ask for a reference. We also ask the current landlord to confirm bank details so it can be verified (via the prospective tenant's bank statements) that the tenant paid at least their last 3 months rent on time and in full. At this point the landlord(s) will also have the opportunity to leave a message to be passed on to the next landlord if they wish. Any messages are passed on unedited.

If we are given the name of an estate / letting agency to acquire a reference we perform the same checks as we would an employer before asking the agency for a reference (see employment below).

Finally, we search one of the UK’s largest tenant databases for both negative and positive information held about the prospective tenant.

We ask all prospective tenants to send us copies of documents proving their entitlement to rent in the UK. We will check the documents meet the requirements of the Immigration Act 2014. However, this does not remove the liability on a landlord or agent to inspect and copy the original documents.

Smart Referencing: A different approach to referencing

We are not like any other referencing company.



Credit check with score

Sanctions list check

Gone away check

Active Active satisfied CCJs

Address conformation

green tick

Notices of dispute

green tick

Previous linked addresses

Notices of correction

Other aliases discovered

green tick
green tick
green tick
green tick
green tick
green tick
green tick

Full Credit Check

Identity Check

Voters roll check

D.O.B. verification

PEP check

green tick
green tick

Driving licence validation

Passport validation

NI number validation

Insolvencies bankruptcies

Bank account and sort code validation

green tick
green tick
green tick
green tick
green tick
green tick

Previous Landlord Check

Employment Verification

Unlike other referencing companies, we totally ignore the contact details supplied by a prospective tenant for their employer. We search Companies House, various on-line business directories and use other search methods to establish that the given employer is a genuine entity. We then use contact details we have independently discovered to contact the employer. Only then do we ask them to confirm employment start date, position, salary, if permanent or temporary, if on their probationary period and if the employment is likely to continue for the time of the tenancy.

If the applicant is not employed and has other sources of income ie. benefits or pension we then discuss this with them. Usually this will result in the landlord or agent having to inspect original documents supplied by the applicant. We will advice if this is necessary.

Affordability Assessment

Right to Rent

Unlike any other referencing company we actually do things properly. We never assume anything we are told is the truth by any applicant, which is why we independently verify all information.

We are the only company that uses Land Registry searches on both the applicant’s current and past addresses so we can verify we are asking the owners (landlords) for references.

This vigilance eliminates the most common deception of having a friend or relative acting as their ‘Landlord’ and suppling a glowing reference (we all know this happens). We are the only company that goes to these lengths to check.

Default risk calculation

green tick

Death records search

green tick

Our vigilance also extends to employment checks. We ignore the contact details given by the applicant and use various on-line business directories and other search methods to establish their employer is a genuine business entity.

We will then use the contact details we have discovered to contact the employer. This is how all referencing companies should check but most are happy just to send an email to an address the applicant has given them. We think that is completely worthless.

See opposite for details of our whole checking procedure. We think you will agree when we say we really do our referencing properly, in depth and like no other company in the UK.

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Using Smart Referencing is so simple. Once registered just text, email or call us with the prospective tenant’s mobile number and leave everything to us. No forms or hassle. We text a link to the applicant allowing them to complete their application on-line or on their smart phone. To register complete the form below and we will be in touch to set your account up.

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