tenant referencinng

The thoroughest & most comprehensive reference service in the UK

Current & previous landlord references verified via Land Registry searches

All information independently verified

Credit Check With Score

Address Conformation

Employment contact made via independent search for employer contact details

Active & Satisfied CCJs

Notices of Dispute

Notices of Correction

Previous Linked Addresses

Gone Away Check

Sanctions List Check

Aliases Discovered

Insolvencies Bankruptcies

Voters Roll Check

PEP Check

NI Number Validated

Passport Validation

D.O.B. Verification

Bank Account Verified

Death Records Searched


A Different Approach to Referencing

Unlike any other referencing companies we actually do things properly. We never assume anything we are told is the truth by any applicant, which is why we independently verify all information.

We are the only company that uses Land Registry searches on both the applicant’s current and past addresses* so we can verify we are asking the genuine owners (landlords) for references.


Our vigilance eliminates the common deception of having a friend or relative acting as their ‘Landlord’ and supplying a glowing reference (we all know that happens). We are the only company that goes to these lengths to check.

Our vigilance extends to employment checks. Ignoring the contact details given by the applicant we use

Click on Our Unique System for details of our unique referencing procedure. We think you will agree when we say we really do our referencing properly, in depth and like no other company.

A full credit check, with score, is carried out along with various other financial and identity checks.

We use the contact details we discover to contact the employer. This is how all referencing companies should check but most are happy just to send an email to an address the applicant has supplied. We think that is completely worthless.

various on-line business directories and other search methods to establish their employer is a genuine business entity or organisation.

* Where it is relevant and possible to contact their previous landlord.

Have a question or need assistance? Please call 01386 897 203

Using Smart Reference Could Not Be Easier

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Whether you only own one property or are an agent managing hundreds of properties we make things simple for you saving you time, money and hassle.

Simply decide if you want to pay for the referencing, and be billed monthly, or would like your prospective tenant to pay us direct, then complete the quick Registration Form.

Once registered, to order a reference report simply text, call or email us with your 4 digit account number and the mobile number of your prospective tenant then sit back and wait for the report to arrive in your inbox. That is all you need do.

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We will text a link to the applicant allowing them to complete the application on their phone, tablet or PC.


Single tenant application: 29.99   Joint tenants application: 59.98   Guarantor application: 29.99

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 NO COST Tenant Referencing

NO COST Rent Guarantee Insurance

NO COST Legal Cover

Our new TenantKey service allows tenants to arrange their own referencing and insurance direct with Smart Referencing.

For Our Registered Landlords & Agents ONLY!

You have the option of choosing either TenantKey Gold or TenantKey Silver.

Either way you can rest assured that your new tenant has been thoroughly vetted and could come with rent guarantee and landlord legal cover.

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